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Wide Range of Applications

In the ever-changing world of rechargeable batteries, the charger integration is as important as the battery chemistry selection. A poorly designed charger can make even the most well thought out battery pack fail prematurely. It is important to know the characteristics of the battery’s chemistry, as well as take into consideration the application requirements.

Harding’s design team takes great care to ensure the chargers and packs function properly together. Harding has design capabilities for the protection control boards to incorporate:

  • Over current protection
  • Over temperature control
  • Current/voltage monitoring features
  • Gas gauge
  • LVT (low voltage termination)
  • And more

The optimal charger will not only improve your pack performance, but will assure the useful life of the battery is maximized. Harding designs custom chargers that will be efficient and safely charge the battery and terminate charge at the appropriate time to enhance the life of the battery pack. Our custom and off-the-shelf chargers give our customers numerous cost effective, quality solutions for their devices.