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Company History

Over 28 Years Experience

Harding Energy, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of innovative custom battery and charger systems with the world headquarters located in Grand Haven, Michigan. Harding Energy was:

  • Founded in 1987 by Dr. Nicholas Pietrangelo and Stan Ovshinsky (inventor of Nickel Metal Hydride technology) to produce single NiMH cells in the United States
  • Funded by local business people and physicians in West Michigan who collectively wanted to create an energy company located within the United States
  • The third company in the world to obtain a license to manufacture and distribute NiMH cells and battery assemblies.

With 30 years of experience, Harding Energy has produced innovative custom battery cells, battery packs and chargers for a wide range of applications including: portable medical equipment, handheld electronics, safety, security, construction and military.

The Evolution of Harding Energy, Inc.

Harding Energy is founded and is the third in the world to receive a license to manufacture Nickel Metal Hydride Cells. Harding cells are used by some of the largest companies in the world to power their portable devices. Today, Harding cells are used in over 119 countries and 50+ unique markets.

Harding Energy evolves from manufacturing cells to include designing and manufacturing battery packs for our customers devices. Harding’s expertise in cell chemistries and how each chemistry works in customer’s applications made the evolution from cell manufacturing to pack manufacturing an easy one. Today, Harding’s engineering team works with the customer to determine exactly what battery chemistry is the right solution for the customer’s application. We custom design a pack solution to the customer’s specific needs, size and environmental demand.

Harding Energy is a global leader in cell and pack manufacturing and adds Custom Charger design to the services and available products. As a leader in the industry of designing and manufacturing rechargeable battery packs, it was only natural that Harding design and manufacture the charging system to work with the pack. Designing and manufacturing the charger and battery together ensure they work together as they are designed. Harding also custom designs and assembles all the internal charging circuitry to ensure the battery pack functions as the customer intended. Today, Harding provides engineered solutions for customers all over the globe.

Harding Energy adds plastics and metal tooling facility to the portfolio. Nearly every battery pack and charger has some kind of custom plastics. Our plastic injection molding division gave Harding the ability to control the plastics and tooling process from beginning to end. Today Harding has the ability to manufacture anything from a simple single bay slow charger to a large multi-battery intelligent charging system.

Harding Energy opens a mid-volume medical grade production facility (HEC) in Shenzhen, China based off our ISO13485 Michigan assembly location. HEC mirrors the facility layout and processes used in the USA giving the customer the option of using both facilities. HEC is an ISO certified facility and continues to expand its approvals to meet the most aggressive standards.

Harding Energy is driven by not only being the best in the industry, but being the first to introduce new technologies and solutions for their customers. A major portion of Harding Energy’s earnings each year are reinvested in R&D. Our team of engineers and chemists are devoted to resolving customer challenges and inventing new technologies. Harding Energy’s dedication to continuous improvement and exceptional customer service is how they continue to be the global leader in Portable Energy Solutions.

Utilizing the Latest Tools

Harding and their partners’ cell selection is unsurpassed as one of the largest with production capabilities exceeding 20,000,000 units per month offering both primary and secondary technologies including, lithium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, alkaline, charging systems and smart boards.

Harding Energy’s extensive engineering team utilizes the latest tools in both mechanical and electronics to ensure the customers applications are in compliance with our customer and regulatory requirements.

Harding optimizes reliability, safety, and manufacturability of your battery giving you the most cost effective and dependable solution. The engineering team provides CAD drawings and prototypes for alpha, beta, agency approvals, and pre-production development.

Harding’s core value is to design, integrate and manufacture a quality product for our customers’ success in a portable world.