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Visit Heli™ At The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017!

Our heli™ lanterns will be on display at the massive Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017 today through Thursday (January 10 – 12) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Stop by for a special show

News: Samsung Galaxy 7 Recalled

The Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s newest smartphone is being recalled again, this time for good. Units were reported catching fire due to a battery cell defect on both the original

News: Play Pokémon Go longer with this Pokeball battery charger

Play Pokémon Go longer with this Pokeball battery charger With Pokémon Go being released earlier this month users of the game have seen their cellphones battery life decrease dramatically, roughly

News: Phone battery low? Go to KFC

Phone Battery Low? Go to KFC   Everyone hates having a dead battery on their phone, and with the more apps and things we can do on our smartphones, their

News: Building a better electric car battery

Building a Better Electric Car Battery Lithium-ion batteries are used in most electric vehicles currently on the market.  However, due to their lower energy density larger packs are required for the high-power

Why Lithium Ion Batteries will be Around for a While

Lithium Ion batteries are one of the most popular chemistries of rechargeable batteries, being used in a variety of applications such as are laptops, cell phones, drones, medical tools, and military

Relay for Life is TOMORROW!

Relay For Life Muskegon 2016 The event is almost here! For the past four years Harding Energy Inc. has been an enthusiastic partner with the American Cancer Societies relay event, each time

News: Origami robot retrieves swallowed battery

Origami robot can retrieve swallowed battery If you are a parent there is a chance you might have to deal with your child swallowing a battery at some point. According

News: Nissan Competes With Tesla To Power Homes With Batteries

News: Nissan competes with Tesla to power homes with batteries Automotive manufacturer, Nissan, is teaming up with power management company Eaton to create the xStorage, a wall-mountable lithium-ion battery used to

News: Tesla battery sales larger than entire industry’s sales in 2015

Teslas battery sales larger than entire industry’s sales in 2015 Tesla Motors, an American-based automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain