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Happy National Battery Day!

national battery day

Each year on February 18 we recognize how important batteries are in our lives. Think about it, just about everything we use in today’s world runs on a battery! In our modern age, portable power isn’t something we think about every day because it is so easily accessible.  We can charge the batteries on our phones by using the batteries in our cars as we travel down the road.  We even have portable chargers that can charge our batteries wherever we are.

Harding Energy manufactures a wide arrange of battery chemistries for just about any use. Below is a list of our chemistries and a few of their common uses. Click each link to learn more about the battery:

In addition, Harding Energy owns the award-winning heli™ rechargeable lantern and powerbank, which is running an amazing Valentine’s Day Sale going on now!

valentine's day sale heli

Trivia: February 18th is the birthday of Alessandro Volta, creator of the electric battery!



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