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There are numerous eye conditions which are corrected by improved corrective vision technologies.  Visual acuity from 20/60 ~ 20/800 and even some as high as 20/1400 which are caused by more than 20 different eye conditions including: macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and a rare genetic eye disease which happens when a fatty material builds up on the macula knows as Stargardts disease.  Wearing the glasses may help many users achieve 20/20 vision.

The aesthetics of the glasses have come a long way since the original design which includes making them smaller and lighter for the end user in order to promote comfort, performance and design.  Harding Energy is deeply involved in providing the power management system for both the internal Lithium Polymer cell as well as a full design on the Lithium Ion external battery pack.  The external battery pack is being designed so the end user can wear it comfortably around the neck and provide two to three hours of continuous power to the glasses and be able to hot swap between a second external battery pack.  The neck battery pack is designed to contain the charge control, safety features and also a gas gauge where the end user can easily push a button which allows an easy to see LED display to provide a state of charge indication.

Working on this design has allowed Harding Energy to showcase our abilities on several design and manufacturing levels.  Custom PCBA design, plastics design and tooling, custom over-mold design and tooling as well as the design and tooling of custom USB-C cables to meet the customers needs.


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