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Electric Car Wireless Charger

Electric Car Wireless Charger

Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has just created an electric car wireless charger that charges at three times the rate and 90 percent the efficiency of normal plug-in systems.

At this time, this is the highest charging rate for electric car wireless chargers.

The single-converter system was integrated into an electric Toyota RAV4 with an additional 10-kilowatt hour battery. Toyota is one of the contributors to the chargers development and provided several of their vehicles for the research, including the RAV4, a Scion, and a Plug-in Prius. The Scion and Prius are next to be integrated with a 50-kilowatt wireless charger, the same power level as plug-in chargers currently on the market.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office provided funding for this competitively-selected project as part of a broad portfolio in support of DOE’s EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, which aims to make plug-in electric vehicles as affordable to own and operate as today’s gasoline-powered vehicles by 2022.

Read the complete press release here.


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