As you may know the West Coast Ports have experienced significant delays in the past weeks due to ongoing labor disputes.

Late last week, it was confirmed that the PMA has taken an aggressive stance by not ordering any labor to work vessels 2/12 through Monday 2/16.This means vessels at berth or planned to arrive were not unloaded during those dates. This will result in increased delays and ongoing congestion issues surrounding the ports and terminals. As you can see by the photos, traffic is at a standstill with many more vessels and trucks waiting to unload.

The members of the PMA cannot come to an agreement for a complete lock-out as they are concerned with the possibility and effects of the president implementing the Taft-Hartley Act.


The PMA believes that if this act was invoked and the workers “forced” back to work, there would not be a specific ability to ensure they would be working at a high productive pace. They believe this would then result in little progress from the current slow pace at which it is moving today. Unless there is unanimous support, they will not lock ILWU out.

The next few days will bring heightened discussions between the PMA & ILWU. At this point with the ongoing issues with congestion and labor slowdown continuing to grow more severe and vessels continuing to arrive and be idle, it is likely that the ILWU will push the PMA to a point where they will give into current demands.


Harding has been keeping a very close eye on this situation and is in contact with our freight forwarder with updates daily. We have shipments that have been able to get through and are monitoring what shipments are anchored in harbor waiting to enter the port. We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact on delivery to your order requirements and will contact you with updates as we receive them. If you have questions regarding current POs or POs you plan to place in the near future, please call 800-798-7740 and speak with our Customer Care Dept.

Thank you,
Harding Energy, Incorporated