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News: Nissan competes with Tesla to power homes with batteries

nissan xStorage

Automotive manufacturer, Nissan, is teaming up with power management company Eaton to create the xStorage, a wall-mountable lithium-ion battery used to power homes.

The xStorage is competing against Tesla’s Powerwall, another lithium-ion wall-mounted battery that the company announced last year.

The Powerwall has a 6.4 kilowatt hour (kWh) and retails for $3000. Nissan’s xStorage will provide 4.2kWh of power and have a starting price of about $4,800. This higher cost is due to the inclusion of professional installation of the battery unit, while Tesla plans to charge an additional $4,500 for installation totaling $7,500 for the Powerwall.

The average household in the United States uses between 20kWh and 25kWh of power each day (Source: GTM Research).

In-home lithium-ion energy storage is still relatively small but has been growing extremely rapidly, with Tesla’s battery sales estimate in 2016 being larger than the entire industry’s sales in 2015.


Article from Computerworld



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